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When I was starting out, I felt the tyranny. You Must Suffer! It didn't help that one of the first writers I knew well was Paul, because the history of his childhood is so genuinely awful. (...) I used to think I'd never reach his level, because I haven't suffered. That's why "Queer as Folk" was such a breakthrough for me. It took me that long to realise that I had experience of a whole world that no one else was writing. (...) Everyone has fallen in love. Everyone has been bullied. Everyone has lost someone, somehow. Everyone has been ecstatic. Everyone has been suicidal, even if only slightly. That 'slightly' is the important thing. You don't need to have had your head shoved in the dirt; you only need to be able to imagine it. 'A moment's imagination is equal to a lifetime of experience'. I read that somewhere once, and it's so true. If those sorts of doubts - I'm not important, I haven't suffered, I'm too young/happy/middle-class to be experienced - are ever holding you back from writing, DON'T LISTEN DO THEM! It really is a tyranny, and it's bollocks. 
— Russel T Davies, "The Writer's Tale"
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