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April 29 2012

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January 26 2012

i’m a barbie girl

tekst: bravo girl | foto:  jocelyne grivaud

blondynka dla zaawansowanych w konfrontacji ze znanymi/lubianymi. ikona vs. ikona?

Tags: barbie dolls

January 15 2012

I'm a barbie girl
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July 12 2011

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June 16 2011

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Tags: girls dolls mask
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May 21 2011

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Tags: dolls
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May 17 2011

March 02 2011

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Tags: dolls
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January 21 2011


November 15 2010

In a really fantastic manufacturing error, thousands of dolls with male genitalia on female doll bodies were shipped to Lithuania. They will probably be recalled or something, I don’t know, but it’s still great that trans and intersexed kids were able to see themselves reflected in their playtoys for like five minutes. The revolution will come via manufacturing error
Autostraddle — Hey Lesbos, Do You Like “Lip Service,” Like Really Really Like It?
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November 11 2010

Tags: dolls
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November 10 2010

Tags: men cobain dolls
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October 16 2010

Tags: dolls lgbt ;]
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October 13 2010

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chcę takie włosy!
Tags: dolls
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September 21 2010


August 04 2010


July 06 2010

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Tags: design dolls
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July 02 2010


June 29 2010

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Barbie of Undead 
Tags: dolls 8O
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June 18 2010

Tags: dolls eyes 8O
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