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July 05 2011


June 24 2011

New app idea: Everyone gets a unique set of numbers. Type those numbers into the app and you can speak to each other!
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June 17 2011

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April 27 2011

Dziennikarz: Robert, oglądałeś swój wypadek w telewizji?
Kubica: "Taaak, widziałem go nawet na żywo."
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Wszyscy wiedzą, że gazety wynaleziono tylko po to, żeby dostarczały krzyżówek. Bo poza tym jaki z nich pożytek? Wiadomości, które codziennie się zmieniają, informacje. które już następnego dnia stają się przeterminowane: czy to poważne?
— Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt 'Tektonika uczuć'
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April 21 2011


April 16 2011

Daily Show: Toemageddon 2011 - This Little Piggy Went to Hell
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April 08 2011

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March 15 2011


March 12 2011

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March 09 2011



Here are the embarrassing Hollywood statistics, all from The Celluloid Ceiling, a yearly study by Martha Lauzen of San Diego State University:
Of 2002’s top-grossing 100 films:
4% had female directors
8% had female writers
1% had female cinematographers
12% had female editors

And here are a few more stats:
Hollywood guilds are 80 to 90 % white.
No people of color employed by movie studios have the power to greenlight movies.
4 of the 44 partners or board members at the town’s top 5 talent agencies are women. None of the 44 are people of color.

March 06 2011

I might have been dissapointed by this year's Oscars and my teenage years of obsessing about celebrities are gone*, but I dig the way James Franco manages his public image. 
Let's see: Posting blurry photos taken from a car/out of the window? Check. Photos fof himself in bed/mirror/at some party**? Check. Photos of his room with hipster effect added to them? Check. Photos of his own hand? Of some bookshelves? Everything with hipster effect on it? Check, check, check. 
Let's face it: James Franco is basically a soup user. He's just like us, except very good looking, rich, famous and successful with an extremely cool job.
And he knows we like to think we're just like him. I like it.

*my more mature, twenty-something way of obsessing about stuff is alive and well.

** in this case, the Oscars.

March 02 2011


Does the Media Finally Get That Anti-Choice Is About Far More Than Abortion? | RHRealityCheck.org

The mainstream media has always, shall we say, struggled to understand that the anti-choice movement is anti-contraception, anti-STD prevention, and anti-sex education.  It just doesn’t fit the official narrative, which posits that anti-choicers are somehow “pro-life,” people who are deeply invested in fetal life, but who, for some mysterious reason, mostly don’t extend their concern for life into opposition to war or support for life-saving health insurance reform.
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February 24 2011

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February 22 2011

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Guys PLEASE reblog this , Libya need to get the same attention Egypt got.

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February 20 2011


February 16 2011

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February 13 2011

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Anonymous Hero Donates Hospital 200 Human Kidneys
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