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May 30 2013

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Such is a broken heart.

(Oz: the Great and Powerful)
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April 15 2013

I can't hide what I've done
Scars remind me of just how far that I've come

— Shakira

January 23 2013

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I feel like people are like this, but they don’t know that pieces they feel are broken can be filled with treasures, too

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October 21 2012

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October 17 2012

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June 09 2012

April 08 2012

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January 06 2012


January 05 2012

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Jeżeli nie zdarzyło ci się nigdy tak zareagować na Leonarda Cohena, to coś robisz źle, słuchając go.

Cytat z jakiegoś romansidła, które tylko przypadkiem czytam:
"Wystawiałam się na wpływ krzepiących dzieł sztuki, odgradzałam się od smutnych filmów, książek i piosenek (gdyby ktoś w jednym zdaniu wymienił takie słowa jak Leonard i Cohen, wyszłabym z pokoju)"
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December 22 2011

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December 18 2011

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December 15 2011

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if I’m going to cut, I might as well go with the season

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November 29 2011

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November 20 2011

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November 11 2011

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November 10 2011

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September 17 2011



“I don’t remember if i posted about this last year, but here is some scar work i did on a young, Native American girl. In her Blackfoot tribe it is customary to have a line scarred around their arm for each year they’re alive. It is known as Ponn Miistis, which literally translates to “the rings of a tree”. When they run out of room on one arm they move to the other, then the legs, but apparently their average life expectancy is only 43.

Anyhow, her parents are more modernized now and didn’t want her having this done while she was growing up. She was intrigued by her grandfather’s rings, which covered his arms and legs, so decided to come to me from Montana to catch up. Last year i worked on her upper arm and finished it up this time. She’s 24 now.

She promises to be back every year for another line, too!”

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September 04 2011

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July 25 2011

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