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July 31 2011


September 12 2010

"If you never have sex, you never gain a sense of power. You never gain a voice or an identity of your own. Sex is the act that separates us from our parents. Children from adults. It's by having sex that adoloscents first rebel. 
And if you never have sex, you never grow beyond everything else your parents taught you. If you never break the rule against sex, you won't break any other rule.    

The Vietnam War didn’t cause the mess of the 1960s.  Drugs didn’t cause it.  Well, only one drug did. It was the birth control pill. For the first time in history, everybody could have all the sex they wanted. Everybody could have that kind of power."

  -  Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor (combined)
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March 25 2010

The same way you might look at you leg cut off at the knee and not feel anything at first, maybe this is just shock.
But I hope not. I don’t want it to wear off. I pray not to feel anything ever again.
Because if it wears off, this is all going to hurt so much. This is going to hurt for the rest of my life.
— Chuck Palahniuk, "Survivor"
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