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September 12 2013

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January 25 2013



This sums up my every weekend :d

Vegan's tears :D

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January 18 2013

Do mężczyzny trzeba jak do szczura.
Z miłością.
— (i jak do każdego innego żywego stworzenia)

October 27 2012

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spinach...avocado...goad... cheese...grilled
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October 21 2012

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June 07 2012


Primate Portraits

Much like us, our hairier cousins have their own distinct facial features, unique combinations of jawlines, eye shapes, and nasal widths that make them recognizable on sight. But have you ever studied the differences between other primates’ faces?

Photographer James Mollison was struck by how similar great ape facial features are to human features, and wanted to take their portraits for much the same reason you photograph human faces: to gather a sense of identity. He traveled to Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Indonesia to photograph gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans who were orphaned by the bush meat and live pet trades. Seen together with their unique faces and expressions, it’s hard not to see the apes as individuals with their own personalities.

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July 02 2011

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May 31 2011

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May 03 2011

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March 14 2011

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March 10 2011

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March 09 2011


February 25 2011

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February 20 2011


Kiedy pisałam książkę o Czarnobylu, dowiedziałam się, że ludzie odchodzili i zostawiali zwierzęta. Potem specjalne komanda rozstrzeliwały napromieniowane psy, koty, konie, krowy. Za każdą wsią są wielkie cmentarze, nazywa się to 'mogiły biologiczne'. Tak więc zdradziliśmy zwierzęta.
5000 męskich wojen
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February 13 2011

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sled dogs gonna sled
1. keep open in a tab
2. watch if your day doesn't go so well
3. if necessary, repeat step 2.
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February 03 2011

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Back in 1984, Koko, an accomplished gorilla who understands and uses American Sign Language, asked her trainer, Dr. Francine Patterson, for a cat. So when some abanded kittens were brought to the Woodside, California, compound where Koko lives, she was awarded the pick of the litter. After examining the kittens carefully, Koko chose a tailless gray male that she named All Ball.

Koko proved a wonderful pet owner and mother. She was very gentle with the kitten and treated him much like a baby gorilla, carrying him on her back and trying to nurse him. When she was in a playful mood, she would dress All Ball up in napkins or sign to him suggesting that they tickle each other, her favorite game.

Unfortunately, their relationship ended abrubtly in December of 1984, when All Ball escaped from the gorilla cage and was killed by a car. Koko was extrememly distraught over the death of All Ball and spoke of it soon after:

When asked, "Do you want to talk about your kitty?"
Koko signed, "Cry."
"What happened to your kitty?"
Koko answered, "Sleep cat."
When she saw a picture of a cat who looked very much like All Ball, Koko pointed to the picture and signed, "Cry, sad, frown."
Koko's mourning attracted a great deal of attention from the scientific community. Debates raged over whether or not animals have "emotions" in the human sense.

All Ball was followed by two other kittens, Lipstick and Smoky, and a number of other pets.

February 02 2011

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January 31 2011

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January 04 2011

Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they're only animals.
— Theodor Adorno
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November 26 2010

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I can honestly say I’m getting there. xD

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