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August 01 2011

Society in Tyler Durden’s vision.
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June 19 2011

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June 17 2011

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June 05 2011

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The President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff makes the chief Raoni burst into tears by approving the Belo Monte dam construction that will destroy 400,000 hectares of forest in the Amazon area and expel 40,000 people of indigenous communities.
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June 03 2011

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May 28 2011

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May 21 2011

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May 08 2011

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April 30 2011

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April 26 2011


April 24 2011

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April 22 2011


April 20 2011

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April 08 2011

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March 23 2011

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I need to do this, I feel it would help me put sanity back into my life, maybe.  


Manifesto Manifesto

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