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May 17 2017

Letting it get to you. You know what that's called? Being alive. Best thing there is.
— The Eleventh Doctor
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March 10 2015

Mam czterdzieści pięć pomysłów
I – jeśli chcesz – dodatkowe serce
Nabite wiosną jak lenistwem pers
Bo koty zawsze wiedzą pierwsze

Wyłażą z piwnic koty
Wyłażą z ciemności dni
Wyleźmy gdzieś na zielone
Ja i Ty

— Pablopavo i ludziki

February 23 2015

All those different worlds, not one ever gets it right.
— the Tenth Doctor

October 15 2013

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This was the single most British thing to ever happen

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September 14 2013

8500 5e30


Doctor Who episode posters The Eleventh Hour S05E01

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September 12 2013

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Just gonna leave this here to brighten everyones’ days.

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April 11 2013

Sometimes knowing your own future is what allows you to change it, especially when you're bloody-minded, contradictory, and completely unpredictable.
— Doctor Who, The Girl Who Waited
I can be brave for you, but you've got to tell me how. 
— Doctor Who, Let's Kill Hitler
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- One minute she's going to marry you and then she's going to kill you? 
- Ah, well, she's been brainwashed. It all makes sense to her. Plus, she is a woman. 
— Doctor Who, Let's Kill Hitler
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December 09 2012


The Oncoming Storm

My take on a darker version of the Doctor, reminiscent of the Dreamlord or the Valeyard.  A man who’s been wounded one too many times, whose defenses have finally shattered under the guilt and pain and loneliness of centuries.  He has finally turned his back on the universe, becoming the one thing he feared the most.  The blood of entire worlds is on his hands, and there is no one left to stop him.

“See? This is what happens when you travel alone for too long.” -Amy.


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October 24 2012

9822 5019

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September 27 2012

I am too scared to repost an image of a Weeping Angel, because "that which holds the image of an angel becomes itself an angel".
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September 25 2012

Biting’s excellent! It’s like kissing, only there’s a winner.
— Doctor Who, The Doctot's Wife

June 19 2011

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Dear Matt,
Yet another classic here from the bank of Matt,
I’m waiting people to notice the pearl necklace :D 

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June 12 2011


June 10 2011


June 04 2011


May 08 2011

Amy sees the Silence in The Eleventh Hour.

“In the scene at the end of the episode where Amy goes into the TARDIS for the first time, there’s one point where she leans back on the console and is looking around the room. The camera is pointed towards her face, so we can’t see what she’s looking at. She looks around with a sort of awe-struck smile, but then her eyes linger over something and her expression turns into a look of horror. She starts breathing really quickly and turns as if to get the Doctor’s attention, but as soon as she’s facing him she just asks, perfectly normally, “Why me?” — as if she’d completely forgotten about what she’d just seen.” (x)

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