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May 30 2012

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Warsaw 1973
Tags: warsaw ia
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January 27 2012


August 15 2011


July 28 2011


July 25 2011

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ロボットの中央研究所と技術サイバネティックス(TsNII RTK)サンクトペテルブルク。ロシア

Institute of Robotics & Technical Cybernetics, St Petersburg

photo by Frédéric Chaubin, 1987 
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Tags: bt ia russia
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July 16 2011

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Tags: window ia
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April 26 2011

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Leo Matiz

Polígono, 1950

Tags: ia
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March 27 2011


Living in an old cement factory


This trendy home was once a cement factory. The abandoned cement factory was discovered in 1973 and converted to this upscale home by architect Ricardo Bofill. The renovation took two years. The home contains various plants including cypresses, olive trees, palms, and eucalyptus. It serves as Bofillo’s apartment, exhibition space, model laboratory, archives, and architectural office. His renovation included exposing previously concealed structures, cleaning cement and demolishing some structures.

Tags: home design bt ia !
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March 13 2011


March 09 2011

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Tags: city ia window
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March 02 2011

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Tags: ia
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February 16 2011

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Prypiat, twenty-five years ago, abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster. I’d give anything to explore it safely.

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February 11 2011

Kowloon - Walled City
Tags: city ia
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Kowloon - Walled City
Tags: city ia
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January 14 2011


Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang

Ryugyong Hotel 1980's - 1990's  Ryugyong Hotel 2010
(330 meters)

Tags: bt ia arch
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January 09 2011

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Clarice tworzy :)
Tags: railroads ia
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January 04 2011

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January 01 2011


December 20 2010

Tags: ia city
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