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May 17 2017

Letting it get to you. You know what that's called? Being alive. Best thing there is.
— The Eleventh Doctor
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February 23 2015

All those different worlds, not one ever gets it right.
— the Tenth Doctor

June 16 2014

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March 20 2014


March 09 2014


February 24 2014


February 07 2014

It's not safe to love my mother. I speak from experience. 
— American Horror Story
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January 13 2014

- I'm looking for a friend. Very specific friend, I'm not just browsing.  
— John Watson
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December 22 2013

I used to have an open mind but my brain kept falling out.
— Steven Wright

December 07 2013

8. You just have to get out there more!

I am so out there that I am carrying a spare pair of underwear and one of those finger-toothbrush things in my purse right now. Don’t even.

10 Things You Should Never Say To a Single Twentysomething

November 06 2013

A little bit of my identity is in my hair tips, which is why it gets split and worn. 
— Vegard Ylvisåker
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November 05 2013

- Autres temps, autres moeurs - mruknął Poirot. - Za moich czasów młodzi ludzie pożyczali dziewczętom książki z dziedziny teozofii albo rozprawiali o "Błękitnym ptaku" Maeterlincka. Wszystko było sentymentalne i idealistyczne. Obecnie to życiowe nieprzystosowanie i kompleksy zbliżają do siebie dziewczynę i chłopca.
— Agatha Christie, Entliczek Pentliczek
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October 29 2013

- To typ macierzyński, a typy macierzyńskie są zawsze bezlitosne. Weźmy też (...), psychologa. Iluż to znamy psychologów, do których można zastosować powiedzenie: "Lekarzu, lecz się sam!"
- Na miłość boską, Poirot. Czyż nie ma nikogo niezdolnego do popełnienia morderstwa?
- Często się nad tym zastanawiam - odparł Poirot.
— Agatha Christie, Entliczek Pentliczek (skrócone)

October 24 2013


October 12 2013

I opened my mouth and things began to come out of it that I heard with equal amounts of dismay and satisfaction, the way you hear the things you say when you are drunk.
— Alice Munro, Before the Change
“I was up at my niece’s last Christmas and we seen you and him walking up by the standpipe and my niece said, ‘I wonder where them two are off to?’ ” [...] I guess the implication is that we were going somewhere to carry on, but there was a deep freeze on, if you remember, and we were just walking to get away from the house. No. We were getting outside so we could continue our fight, which could only be bottled up for so long.

     - Alice Munro, "Before the Change"

October 02 2013

- Hello. Felix, gay friend. Acting coach.
- Oh, that's perfectly fine here.
- Which one...?
— Orphan Black
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- Everything is under control.
- OK, NOW I'm worried.
— Orphan Black
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September 25 2013

- You have a very lovely wife.
- We're not married.
- Even better!
— Grimm

September 15 2013

- So were you guys together a long time?
- A year, on and off. I kind of thought we'd end up together. I don't anymore.
- Now that she broke up with you?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
— Friends
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