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December 20 2012


What Mick SHOULD have learned from 50 years in rock (via DailyMail)

Tags: rs rnr mick :)

December 14 2012

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Tags: rs rnr mick men :)
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May 14 2012

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One time you were my baby chicken, now you've grown into a fox 
Once upon a time I was your little rooster, but am I just one of your cocks!

It's rough justice on ya 
You're gonna have to trust me 
It's rough justice 
But you know I'll never break your heart 

So put your lips to my hips, baby, and tell me what's on your mind... 

February 26 2012

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Keith Richards - I'm ready

December 15 2011

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oh, Jim...
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December 04 2011


November 13 2011



Iggy Pop shot by photographer Mick Rock. 

Tags: men iggy rnr
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July 26 2011

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July 19 2011


Freja Beha Erichsen in Chanel: Escale A L.A. - Vogue Paris by Inez and Vinoodh, August 2011

(Source: bohemea)

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July 14 2011

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July 11 2011


June 19 2011

Michael Pitt by Guy Aroch
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June 12 2011

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Tags: txt lyrics rnr ! :) s
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June 06 2011

I always thought the good thing about the guitar was that they didn’t teach it in school.
— Jimmy Page
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June 05 2011


June 04 2011

James Brown with The Rolling Stones
Tags: Music men rs rnr
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May 18 2011

Odtąd zawsze na dnie! - wiódł swe życie
Wciąż rock’n’roll i seks i motoru rrrrryk
Hera i crack! 
Słowem, moralny był z niego wrak
Wszystko, co się da, robił wspak… 
— Rocky Horror Show, Eddie's Teddy, tłum. Andrzej Ozga

May 13 2011

8815 db07
Tags: pair stage rnr
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May 08 2011

5276 cc09
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May 05 2011

Póki serce rock'n'rolla gra
Aż do końca niech zabawa trwa
Świat widzę w kolorze róż
Ból niestraszny mi już... 
— Rocky Horror Show, Wild and Untamed Thing, tłum. Andrzej Ozga
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