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December 17 2019

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A ja taka nieuczesana.

December 04 2012

The Origin of the World. Gustave Courbet
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October 27 2012

She lives the poetry she cannot write.
— Oscar Wilde
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June 01 2012

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May 26 2012

Kobieta to jest najpiękniejsza forma istnienia białka.
— Daniel Passent
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May 25 2012


April 06 2012

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March 03 2012


January 27 2012

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December 21 2011


December 13 2011

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Brytyjski rzeźbiarz Jamie McCartney zapowiada odsłonięcie swojego wyjątkowego dzieła pod tytułem ”Wielka ściana cipek”. Na wystawie ma być pokazanych 400 odlewów kobiecego krocza. Na przygotowanie „Wielkiej ściany cipek” rzeźbiarz poświęcił 5 lat. Dzieło zadebiutuje podczas zbliżającego się Brighton Festival Fringe.
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November 20 2011

Kobieta pozwoli ze sobą zrobić, co zechcesz, bylebyś jej o tym nie mówił.
— Stefan Żeromski
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November 09 2011

you were incredibly good at swooping, almost like birds do when they fly over land or sea and spy something moving, something bursting with life, and dive down—or zero in—and seize upon it. i was astonished, when we met, by your flying energy. i remember being in your room the first time and, when i arrived, i sat in a chair, and you were walking around the room from place to place, occasionally stopping to perch on a stool or the couch. you had a ratty salvation army couch where you slept before we chipped in for the mattress. you offered me a drink, which you handed to me while scrutinizing me with an air of incredible wonder and curiosity, as if it were some kind of miracle that i had hands and could hold a glass, or that i had a mouth which might drink from it, or that i had even materialized at all, in your room, a day after we'd met on the subway. you were talking, asking questions, sometimes answering questions, in a deadly serious and yet hilarious way, and i was trying very hard to talk also but conversation was not coming as easily to me. so there i was staring back at you, absorbing and understanding far more than i expected to understand. but i couldn't find words to speak to fill the space created by the fact that you seemed attracted to me and that i was attracted to you. i kept thinking, "i'm not ready. i just arrived in this city. not now. but i will be, with a little more time, a few more exchanged notes of conversation, if i can think what i wish to say." ("ready" for what, i don't know. not just making love. ready to be.) 

but then you "swooped," coleman, nearly halfway across the room, to where i was sitting, and i was flabbergasted but delighted. it was too soon, but it wasn't.
— roth p.: the human stain
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November 06 2011

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September 17 2011


September 12 2011


July 29 2011

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July 07 2011

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